The following exhibit identifies the important core values and attributes of a five star leader that I used to develop a 12-day leadership development program.

Based on research and experience, there are 4 key sub-attributes associated with each attribute.  Together, they provided the outline of a 12-day leadership program that I developed and delivered for several years.  The 12-day program was delivered over a 9 month period.

REFERRALS: One of the Vice-Presidents at the Canadian government’s agency for overseeing the appointments of executives referred participants (who then enrolled) to this program year-after-year.

The sub-attributes associated with the above five attributes are as follows:

  1. Effective persons
    • Proactive
    • Purposeful
    • Focused
    • Renew and balanced
  2. Effective team players
    • Listen for context
    • Think win-win
    • Synergize
    • Resolve Differences
  3. Effective managers
    • Clear purpose
    • Alignment
    • Culture of follow-through
    • Constructive accountability
  4. Effective motivators
    • Affirm worth and potential
    • Fair, respectful and helpful
    • Create and clear the pathway
    • Visionary and inspirational
  5. Passionate servants
    • Demonstrate humility
    • Create superb results
    • Focus on enterprise, not self
    • Committed and persistent