HERE ARE EXAMPLES OF UNSOLICITED WRITTEN ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS THAT I HAVE RECEIVED. Some of the examples include factors that contributed to the consulting contract being awarded to me.

  1. “…. Your experience, dedication and leadership have contributed greatly to….”, from former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (I had been the co-leader of a team that conducted a comprehensive review of a Minister’s portfolio – REFERRAL: I was requested to be a co-leader based on a referral by a former client).
  2. RECOMMENDATION  (provided to a prospective client): “George is a very knowledgeable individual who can deliver effectively on projects related to organizational improvement, strategic planning and leadership development. I have used his services several times and he has helped me, and the organizations that I was part of, to improve and to focus our delivery. I highly recommend him. Year first hired: 1998.  Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.”  I provided change leadership services for this Executive numerous times in different government departments during a period of 14 yearsduring which time he progressed from Assistant Director to Vice-President level.  REFERRALS:He frequently personally referred managers and executives to me as well as permitted me to use him as a reference (during the 14 years prior to his retirement).
  3. “Thank you for your important and precious contribution to this undertaking of our office …”, by an Assistant Auditor General of Canada (I had written a report that was submitted to Parliament and subsequently regarded by numerous officials in government as having prompted the Canadian Government to develop and announce its first Science and Technology Strategy in 40 years). REPEAT BUSINESS: I had several engagements with this client during the 10 years prior to his retirement. 
  4. “Thank you so much for your most valuable help – your balanced and thoughtful counsel was always well received and often led to successful resolution of difficult situations”, from a Member of Ontario Legislature (I was elected Vice Chair and Director of Policy of the political constituency association for several years).
  5. “I just want you to know how much I appreciated your presence and leadership.  You have given years of leadership but three examples stand out in my mind:  The expert way that you facilitated the large group meeting after the visioning process; clarifying the issues at business meetings when we were spinning our wheels; and your creative approach in highlighting the need for volunteers.” — from a Church member (I was elected Chairperson of the church for two consecutive 2-year terms).

Here are more examples of written feedback from clients:

  • Thank you sincerely for the wisdom and practicality that you brought to this exercise
  • I want to thank you for your patience and hard work in working through a difficult subject
  • Let me congratulate you on your excellent paper.  It is helping to set a new and significantly higher level standard
  • You helped us solidify some of our concepts and point out what we have to be doing at this stage of the game
  • This is super — I have what I need to present at the management meeting
  • It appears that through the whole work of the Task Team, only the work of your company was fully accepted
  • Thank you for your role in the delivery of a project that had become a stalled effort

When I left Coopers & Lybrand, one of my colleagues gave me a card with the following message: “You are a truly special person.  Your honesty, charm, integrity, insight, good humor and loyalty have caused me to admire you greatly.”

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