Hello, I’m George Neufeld.  After solving a world-famous mathematical problem for my PhD, I’ve provided consulting, coaching, advisory and leadership development services to managers and executives for over 30 years.

I’ve been sought after for my expertise, experience and ability to “deliver the goods” in:

  • Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Team building
  • Problem solving
  • Change leadership
  • Project management
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic action planning
  • Economic and market assessments
  • Development and delivery of training and leadership development programs
  • Growing small-medium size businesses (increased leads, conversions, transactions, revenue and profits)
It was time to pivot. I now offer companies a CLIENT REWARD PROGRAM that increases both repeat business and new clients.

The Program offers free webinars to your clients and their clients. The topics addressed in the webinars are determined by seeking input from your clients.  Their input can include topics of interest to their clients. The net result is that you provide your clients with value and keep in touch with them.  If your clients chose to involve their clients, you are being introduced to prospective leads. If the topics of interests are outside the scope of your expertise, you can involve current and prospective joint venture partners, who pay you a commission when the webinars generate business for them from your clients and your clients’ clients.

The Program also offers participation in private Facebook Group(s) to your clients and their clients. The Groups provide a forum for exchanging ideas, posing questions and providing suggestions. Membership is made transparent to all. It’s best to start with one group and then split-up or create additional groups to reflect the interests of the participants or address concerns from participants that being in the same group as their competitors.

You are leveraging the Program.to increase your marketing reach by encouraging your clients to invite their clients to participate. Other ways to leverage the Program are:

  • Provide webinars aimed at executives and other divisions in your clients’ companies
  • Invite experts in areas outside your domain of expertise to present at your webinars, particularly experts who will expand your market reach via collaboration.

The key success factor is understanding, anticipating and consistently keeping the webinars and group discussions aligned with the deepest needs and interests of your clients and their clients. This requires seeking input from your clients and listening to comments and questions, and suggesting to your clients that they do the same with their clients.

The benefits of the Program include:

  • You are rewarding your clients as well as enabling them to reward their clients.
  • You are being introduced to persons and opportunities to network. It’s proactive marketing whereas blogging and social media marketing are passive marketing.
  • You are building your raving fan club, which is one of the seven widely-accepted pillars for growing a business in the 21st century (https://cs-connections.com/pillars-for-success/).

Since the Program is also a Marketing Initiative, it should be free. As the Program develops momentum, it could be appropriate to have a nominal charge for webinars with high-profile keynote speakers or for small group coaching sessions.

The concept of a Client Reward Program is not new

I’ve been a member of a for-profit Small Business Growth Academy for five years.  The Academy has about 800 members (world-wide) who provide advisory and coaching services to small businesses.  The Academy provides its members (clients) with a private Facebook Group and weekly Zoom Sessions that:

  • Focus on helping members grow their own business and helping them serve their clients
  • Are similar to those in the above Client Reward Program

The Facebook Group and webinars/zoom sessions have been ongoing for about ten years.

The Academy:

  • Contributes to the discussion on the Facebook Group.
  • Plans and leads the webinars/zoom sessions.  This includes soliciting input from members on topics of interest and then either selecting speakers from within the Academy, from among the members or external experts.  The Academy facilitates the Zoom Sessions that begin with a presentation, followed by questions and discussion.  Zoom Sessions are limited to one hour.  Discussion can continue at the next Zoom Session if there is interest.  Participants can also post questions and comments on the Facebook Group.

This service has led to the Academy organizing an annual conference for which attendees pay a fee.  Five well attended conferences have been held at beach resorts (prior to Covid).

Why involve me?

  1. Experience as a participant in what is being offered
  2. Third-party objectivity
    • From your perspective — to ensure that the topics being addressed in the webinars are not blatantly self-serving
    • From your clients’ perspective — to ensure that their feedback on needs and interests are addressed from their perspective
  3. More than thirty years experience in providing consulting, coaching, advisory and training services that included:
    • Facilitating large groups
    • Conducting surveys to determine needs
    • Strategic and tactical planning
    • Project management
    • Change leadership
    • Leadership development and team building
  4. Credible track-record: noteworthy results and acknowledgements (see website header)

Options for involving me

Our arrangements are tailored to what works for you, e.g.

  • You contract out the delivery the Client Reward Program to us
  • We define our respective roles and responsibilities and then co-deliver the Program
  • You deliver the Program – with our help during start-up and then on an as required basis (often the most attractive arrangement for all concerned)

Call to action

Let’s schedule a brief conversation to explore the possibility.

Tel & text: 613-780-9191    george@cs-connections.com


Click on the following eight pages to have a peak at some of my “thought-ware”.

Scroll down for “about me” and go to the RESULTS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS tabs to see evidence of being credible.

More about me

  1. Grew up on a small farm in a Mennonite community in Western Canada
  2. Received a BSc (First Class Honours) and MSc in mathematics
  3. Was a geophysicist at Shell Canada (included a project in Houston Texas)
  4. Received a PhD for solving a very-well-known, 25-year-old problem in mathematics (Was recipient of a National Research Council Scholarship)
  5. Joined the Canadian Government where I became a Director
  6. Joined Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) where I became a Senior Principal
  1. Founded my own consulting firm over 20 years ago – during this time:
    • Provided consulting, advisory, coaching services
    • Delivered training for VitalSmarts and FranklinCovey
    • Took a 9-month coaching program led by Jim Selman
    • Developed and delivered a 12-day leadership development program
    • Been a member of a global 800-member Business Academy that focuses on helping small-medium size businesses grow

Evidence of being competent:

  1. Selected by clients who needed and were anxious to produce results, e.g.,
    • Helped the head of a regulatory agency who was under pressure from politicians to resolve a major problem — I helped them resolve it in 18 months without additional staff or money
    • Helped a client build a case for the Canadian Government to approve $1 billion to design and build the robotic arm (Canadarm II) for the Space Station – the project was approved
  2. Have been selected to work with some of the best, e.g., selected to help the Chancellor of McGill University (arts graduate at Harvard and law graduate at Cambridge University) who later became President of University of Waterloo and then the Governor General of Canada
  3. Received numerous unsolicited written acknowledgements including from a Prime Minister of Canada and a Deputy Auditor General of Canada
  4. Received a written testimony from a client for helping him numerous times during a 14-year period, during which he progressed from being an Assistant Director to a Senior Vice President
  5. Received approval of my PhD dissertation by the founder and head of the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo (one of the world’s top 20 mathematics departments) and then published the results in a world-class journal.

My involvement in the community has included:

>   Co-founded and chaired a city-wide organization to bring together stakeholders to resolve issues involving development and impacting on the environment

>   Elected Chair of a church (two terms)

>   Appointed to the Board of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

>   Founded and chaired the environment committee at the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce

>   Elected Vice-President and Director of Policy of a political constituency association for 6 years

>   Was on the Board of an organization that found jobs for handicapped persons

I built-up my RESULTS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS portfolios (see tabs on this web site) by paying attention to the following:

  1. Focus on results for clients
  2. Be a passionate servant: be committed & persistent, focus on client (not self), create superb results, demonstrate humility.
  3. Be approachable: put others at ease; be warm, pleasant, and gracious;, build rapport
  4. Be compassionate: authentically care about people; be concerned about their issues; be available and ready to help; offer empathy when needed.
  5. Be creative: develop innovative and distinctive ideas; connect problem issues into distinctive action plans.
  6. Be client focused: meet the desires of the client; and develop trusting, respectful and effective client relationships.
  7. Be confident and helpful: speak the truth in a diplomatic and supportive manner.
  8. Develop rapport: build trusting and respectful relationships, relate well to all persons (regardless of seniority).
  9. Listen actively: fully hear the client
  10. Be savvy politically: use sensitivity in an organisational setting; strategically plan and think; identify corporate politics as a necessary function and adapt well to it.
  11. Apply self-knowledge: identify personal strengths and weaknesses; learn from past mistakes; accept criticism and feedback; not be defensive

My wife (Cambridge University graduate and retired World Bank economist) and I live in Ottawa, Canada.  We love to travel and are helping families who work on tea plantations in Sri Lanka (in cooperation with plantation owners). We have a world-wide network of friends as a result of owning a Bed & Breakfast in downtown Ottawa, e.g., an European country’s Ambassador in Pakistan, the founder of a very successful company in India that designs and builds high-end motorcycles.  My daily week-day program includes a 30-minute resistance exercise program and 45 minutes of cycling or power walking.

 I endorse what Catherine Pulsifer had to say about humor.