Whether you are the leader of a small business, a business unit or a corporation, research shows that effective leaders:

  • Keep an eye on all aspects of the business on an ongoing basis
  • Identify and prioritize what needs attention, and then develop and implement a strategic action plan

The same approach applies in a situation where there is a need for a turn-around.

What is meant by addressing “all aspects of the business”?  It’s a holistic approach that ensures that all aspects of a business are examined during the assessment prior to developing a strategic action plan. A proven approach that addresses all aspects of a business is the 6 Cylinder Success Program that was developed by a member of a global Business Academy.

The 6 Cylinder Success Program takes into account inter-relationships among the cylinders.  It’s important that all cylinders are working in harmony in order for the business to achieve its full potential. Suppose for example that a business needs to sell more widgets. If the sales manager were to work in isolation, s/he could achieve this by selling the widgets at 50% discount.  But this would create havoc: people would be working overtime and the business would be losing money.

Applying the 6 Cylinder Success Program also brings to light that what appears to be an important need may not be the most critical need.  For example, suppose a business is losing money.  The inside story may be that what is needed is a social media marketing campaign.  A holistic approach may confirm that increasing sales via a social media campaign is needed, but there other ways to more quickly stop the company from losing money.

Here are some words of wisdom by Frank Momulla who developed the 6 Cylinder Success Program:

  • When you attack a problem on multiple fronts using proven, tested methods, the chances of near-term, dramatic success increase exponentially.
  • When you attack a problem on a single front, you’d better hope it works.
  • In my world, ‘Hope’ is not a business strategy.